Shake It, Rotate It, Scratch 2.0 It!

QCoo LED Cube
Meet QCoo

QCoo /'kjuku/ is the world’s first high-tech gadget that puts classical games into 3D

space and merges new tech with old game, using Bluetooth connectivity to bring you a portable game solution (6oz) that lightens your day.

Now Program QCoo by Scratch 2.0
Graphical Programming

Now QCoo supports programming from Scratch 2.0!

QCoo’s extended modules are available in “More Block” section of Scratch 2.0.

Using the blocks in Scratch 2.0 will be able to control the light effect and games on QCoo.

Develop App
Create Games

Use Scratch blocks to create your own Snake game on QCoo, maneuvering its movement from your laptop or PC!

Enlighten Days

Make your own fabulous LED effect on QCoo by programming. Don’t let the colors limit your imagination!

Learn Programming

Let your kids learn programming thru a super fun way with QCoo. Yep, make it fun!

Graphical Programming Tool + QCoo = Make Programming Fun!

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