Innovative Real-Life Augmented Reality Multi-player FPS Toy
Geek-Unit is a portable smartphone device that converts the real world in a huge IR battle arena. Get the Geek-Unit app by Geekplay, pair it with the Geek-Unit (hardware) via Bluetooth, and you are off to enjoy the most exciting Augmented Reality battle!
The Geek-Unit allows to invite up to 8 person to join the same battle and use the actual objects as obstacles in the battle, meaning that you can literally hide from or run after your enemies!
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A Giant IR Battle Arena Based on AR
▪Uses the actual objects as obstacles in the battle, meaning that you can literally hide from or run after your enemies!
▪Hit your enemies up to 30m distance. Dominate them with headshots up to 15m distance.
▪Choose to enter the match solo, or a team deathmatch of up to 4 vs. 4
▪Close combat or sniper? Choose among 3 types of weapons, each with different shooting distance and damage potential.
Locate your crew memebers, spot your enemies, find out their status by a real-time pop-up on the screen.
What’s Even Better - ARKit Game
By adopting Apple ARKit technology, Geek-Unit provides even more possibilities. If you’re an iPhone 6s (and newer) user, enjoy the test version of the ARKit game included - The Clash.
The Clash allows to project a scalable, tabletop-sized battle arena into the real environment. You can deploy your forces by dragging and dropping them, walk 360° around the tiny world to observe it, and make your best move!
Combines Hardware and App
Geek-Unit (Hardware)
Sold in pairs, Geek-Unit is a portable little guy that turns your world into a fantastic land of multi-player battle arena in just a moment.
Free Companion App
The companion app of Geek-Unit is developed by Geekplay
And it’s free!
As a combination of hardware and software (app), Geek-Unit comes with 2 companion apps, named “Geekplay” and “Geek Unit”.
Compatible with Android and iOS smartphone. It brings a giant FPS IR battle arena of up to 8 people. Also compatible with other products from Geekplay.
Geek Unit
Experience the most unique duel ARKit game with your friends, family, or coworkers.
Support iPhone 6s, 6s Plus, 7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 Plus, and iPhone X.
Companion Apps
Here Is How It Works
Install Companion App

Find the app “Geek Unit” or “Geekplay” on App Store or Google Play. Download and install it.

Bluetooth Pairing

Enable the Bluetooth of your phone; Open the app and pair it with the Geek Unit (hardware) via Bluetooth.

Enjoy the Games!

Choose one game, follow the steps in the app, and start the fun!

Data Sheet
Companion App
Power Supply
Built-in Lithium Battery
iOS 7.0 & Above
OS Requirement
Android 4.0  & Above
IR Battle Arena
Games Included
The Clash
Wall of Combat
2 x Geek-Unit ( Flash & Zoom)
Package content
2 x USB Charging Cable
1 x Quick Guide
Product Size
φ5.5 x 2.5 cm
Package Size
15 x 9 x 4 cm

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