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Experience the perfect combination of AR (Augmented Reality), tech toy, and games!
Simply slot your phone in and load up our free companion app, and you are off to enjoy games included in the app
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Combines Hardware with App
AR Gun - Hardware
Affordable and portable, every model of AR Gun (the hardware) is a great tech toy.
Free Companion App
The companion app of AR Gun is developed by Geekplay
And it’s free!
Born to Be Fun

The companion app of AR Gun series, named Geekplay AR Gun, is available on both App Store

and Google Play. It includes multiple games and levels, each with different battle tactics and personalities.

App name:
Geekplay AR Gun
Chinese | English | Japanese | Italian | Spanish | German | Russian | Korean | Portuguese.
  • Games Keep Coming
    Games Keep Coming

    Over 16 games with different battle tactics provided in the companion app, while more are coming on a regular basis.

  • Featured in Augmented Reality
    Featured in Augmented Reality

    Developed based on AR technology, just in a moment, your can turn
    your bedroom, bathroom,garden, or anywhere you are
    into the fantastic world of battlefield!

Here Is How It Works
Develop App
Install Companion App

Find the app “Geekplay AR Gun” on App Store or Google Play. Download and install it.

Bluetooth Pairing

Enable the Bluetooth of your phone; Open the app and pair it with the AR Gun via Bluetooth.

Enjoy the Games!

Choose one of the multiple games in the app and enjoy the fun!

AR Gun the Poseidon

2-in-1 Detachable Design for Various Fun!

▪ Comes with vibration feedback and reload design for better interaction

▪ The physical joystick allows the player to control the movement of the character with ease!

AR Gun the Insurgent II - Button Buddy

Upgrade the AR Gun with Four 

Easy-to-Control Buttons!

▪The physical buttons that allow the player to move forward, 

backward, left, & right to achieve better interaction!

AR Gun the Insurgent

Neat with Light Weight, It's 

A Portable Cutie!

▪Small in size and light in weight

▪Enjoy the most of games in AR Gun app with this portable guy

AR Gun the Guardian - Big Boy

Powerful, Big, Masculine

The Very First of Its Kind

▪The very first of AR Gun series, born on Oct. 2016 

▪Powerful look and great holding texture

Comparison Chart
The Poseidon
The Insurgent II
The Insurgent
The Guardian
Material ABS with Matte Texture Aosong Board Aosong Board Aosong Board
Companion App(Free) GeekplayTM AR Gun GeekplayTM AR Gun GeekplayTM AR Gun GeekplayTM AR Gun
Games Included 16+ 16+ 16+ 16+
Triggering Method(s) Joystick, Trigger,Pump Buttons, Trigger Trigger Trigger
Connection Bluetooth Bluetooth Bluetooth Bluetooth
Phone Holder Width 1.8-3.35''(45-85mm) 2.08-3.35'' (52-85mm) 2.08-3.35'' (52-85mm) 2.08-3.35'' (52-85mm)
Power Source 2 x AA battery 2 x AAA battery 2 x AAA battery 2 x AAA battery
Est. Product Weight 300g 200g 200g 200g
I Got A Question

1. My AR Gun can not get connected with my phone, how to fix it?

Please try the following solutions one by one: 1) Make sure the Bluetooth has been enabled before entering the app....

2. Where to download the companion app of AR Gun

Android – Search for “AR Gun” in Google Play; iPhone...

3. I am experiencing lag when playing with AR Gun.

Several reasons for lagging of the app:...

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