ARcher FAQ

My ARcher can not get connected with my phone, how to fix it?

Please try the following solutions one by one:

1) Make sure the Bluetooth has been enabled before entering the app. If not, exit the ARcher app and try again.

2) Make sure the batteries have been correctly loaded.

3) Make sure there is no other smartphone being connected to your ARcher. (If the LED indicator is solid on, it means the ARcher has been connected to a smartphone.)

4) If the 3 steps above do not solve your problem and you are an iPhone 6 user, please reset the network setting of your iPhone: Go to “Settings” - “General” - “Reset” - “Reset Network Settings”. Check whether your ARcher can get connected with your phone after restarting.


Where to download the companion app of ARcher

· Android – Search for “Geekplay ARcher” in Google Play

· iPhone – Search for “Geekplay ARcher” in App Store


I am experiencing lag when playing with ARcher.

Several reasons for lagging of the app:

1) Please allow the ARcher app to use the camera, otherwise the performance might be affected;

2) The lagging could be caused by the abnormal performance of the gyroscope of some Android cellphones. Try restart your android cellphone and the app;

3) The lagging could be caused by insufficient memory of some cellphones. Please close all the other applications to release the memory.


Does my Android smartphone support ARcher?
System requirements of Android smartphone:

▪ Android 4.4 & Above;

▪ With Gyroscope 1


If you are not sure about the spec of your phone, scan the QR code below to download the testing app.


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