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Pair, Choose, and Hunter!

Geekplay ARcher (app) is the free companion app for Geekplay ARcher series.
Simply connect the app with the bow via Bluetooth, and in just a moment, your garden, bedroom, or even bathroom can be turned into a hunting arena!

The Hunter
The XX (stay tuned)
Compatible Model(s)
The More, The Merrier

Launched on July 2017, Geekplay ARcher app has included 5 games and over 40 levels.

Two main categories of games included:

AR game - Dragon defense;
Non-AR game - Hunter’s Missions, The Walkers, etc.

This Is Geekplay ARcher

Connected via Bluetooth, featured in AR (Augmented Reality), available for iOS and Android, blablabla, check out the features of this app.

App name
Geekplay ARcher
Geekplay Technology Co., Ltd
Chinese | English
System Requirements
Android 4.4 & Above;
With Gyroscope 1
iOS 7.0 & Above
Typical Models
▪Samsung Galaxy S5 & Above
▪Huawei Honor 8 / Nova & Above
▪Nexus 5 & Above
iPhone 5S & Above
Every Game Has Its Personality
Dragon Defense
Facing fierce attack from the Dragon, Jack is the only hope human beings got. Pick up your weapon and fight against the evil dragons to protect your civilians.
Includes multiple levels, each with different missions and opponent-dragon types.
Hunter’s Missions
A hunting game that includes 20+ levels to test your skills.
The moving path, the wind, the trajectory of the arrow are factors that need to be taken into consideration.
The Walkers
Survival Rules in the Walkers:
- Destroy the Walker's brain
- Double tap
- Make full use of the oil tank
- Always check your back
- Enjoy the little things
Saving Mr.Doggie
Mr. Doggie is tied up by ropes. Shoot the target to save him and make sure he does not land on the thorns.
The sequence of shooting the target, the timing, the obstacles, one of them might result in the failure of your mission.
Math Hunter
Practice and polish your math skill by shooting! Calculate, compare, and shoot the bigger number to pass the math quiz in limited time.
One More Thing

In every game included, players can set different configuration of the arrow and the bow in Armory, including Arrow, Shaft, Feather, and Bow.

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