About Geekplay

Shenzhen Geekplay Technology Co., Ltd is an innovative company with a strong focus on developing AR-based gaming apps and tech-toys that bring non-stop fun to everyone.


Established by a group of young innovation-lovers, Geekplay was one of the early birds that took flight in the Augmented Reality field when the industry was still in its infancy. Apart from dedicated AR-only games, Geekplay is committed to combining conventional digital games with open-source hardware that give new playing methods and experiences to traditional games.


Geekplay’s achievements to date include an AR Gun that introduces the AR concept to exciting phone games, ARcher an innovative archery toy enables video hunting, and QCoo Smart Cube that converts the classic mobile game Snake into a real life hands-on version. 


Our ambition at Geekplay is to create a comprehensive gaming universe that bridges the digital world with our own. Through an ever-expanding gaming experience with new content and updates, Geekplay stands at the forefront of innovation and fun.


Geekplay - Trigger Fun.

ShenZhen Geekplay Technology Co., Ltd
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