Program QCoo by Scratch 2.0

Before Getting Started

What You Need

▪ Download Adobe AIR

▪ Download Scratch 2.0

▪ Download QCoo for Scratch

▪ 1 x QCoo


Preparation Steps

1. Download all files mentioned above;

2. Install Adobe AIR, then Scratch 2.0;

3. Unzip QCoo for Scratch.


Connection Steps

1. Connect QCoo with your PC via USB cable. A gradually-fade-in-and-out light effect will appear around the micro USB port of QCoo, which indicates the QCoo is under charging;

2. Open QCoo for Scratch.exe, which will automatically open Scratch 2.0. Click the button on the pop-up window to connect QCoo with your PC. The button will become green if successfully connected.


3. Minimize the pop-up window. (Note: Don't close this window)

      After connected successfully, QCoo’s extended modules will be available in “More Block” section of Scratch 2.0.

scratch 2.0.png

How to Use

By far, QCoo for Scratch supports several functions including Snake and LED effects. Using the blocks in Scratch will be able to control the light effect and games on QCoo.

Here’s an example of Scratch program which controls the game “Snake” on QCoo.